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mersedes03 in fma_big_bang


March 15

Title: Back Together Again
Author: harmonyopc 
Betas: storywh0re & mamuchan  

Artists: greenfire_mantl  solusaroraborealis & darthneko 

Genre: Drama, Yaoi

Rating: Hard-R to light NC-17 overall (or M, if you prefer) 

Pairing/Characters: HUGHES/ROY!! (with a little Hughes/Gracia and a smidge of Roy/Gracia - sorta).

Warnings: Violence. Grief/PTSD. Sexuality (including some borderline non-con). Voyeurism. Language. Angst/Darkfic. Hughesmunculus. Spoilers for the ENTIRE first anime and for some of Conqueror of Shamballa. And finally: THIS FIC MAY CONTAIN HETEROSEXUAL SEX.  <-- consider yourself warned!

Summary: A still-grieving Roy Mustang continues to be visited by a ghost made flesh – a ghost in the form of Maes Hughes! Did Roy actually succeed in bringing back his dead best friend using alchemy … or is he being haunted by a homunculus? 

Fic Post

Art Post – greenfire_mantl  solusaroraborealis
Art Post darthneko  




March 16

Title: Turn and Turn Again
Author: nyagosstar 
Beta: the ever sparkly sainnis who listens patiently when I whine about plot and gives me a good shake when I need it and adds commas and grammatical structure so everyone else can read it.
Artists: bob_fish and Taylowolf, who both did amazing jobs.  Make sure to check out not only the awesome illustrations they did for this piece, but everything else they’ve done.
Genre: Action/Drama
Rating: R for violence and language
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed

Summary: The Fuhrer’s plotting, Ed’s planning and Roy can’t sleep.
Notes: This is part of my Bitter Universe, though each story can be read independently and out of order—they were certainly written that way.  I think that this is the last major story to tell in this particular universe, but don’t be surprised if there are still one or two small tales left to tell


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Art Post bob_fish 
Art Post – Taylowolf


March 17

Title: M
Author: Hyperthia
Artist: darthneko
Genre: Angst
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Tucker/Ed

-This story contains scenes of child molestation, abuse, and eventual rape. 
-There is violence and blood play.
-I’m blunt. Though the rape itself (because it involves a child) is not explicit.
-I describe Tucker’s lust, and he is disturbing.
-If you review, don’t say: “You must be a sick person to write this.” That’s boring. Tell me something I don’t already know.

Summary: Tucker has more than friendly feelings toward Edward. It starts with lust, and it ends in hate.

A/N: -This story is not, in any way, meant to be a romance or pornography. It is a plot that involves the abuse of a minor. Through most of this story, Edward is still eleven years old. This takes place during the time that he stays at the Tucker estate, studying for the exam (before he knows how to transmute without a circle, and after he has already burned his house down).  
This mostly follows the canon of the first anime (with the exception of some of the technology, which is more on the modern side). Anything that doesn’t follow the canon, I did on purpose, and you do not need to inform me of my stupidity. 
-A lot of this story is based on true experiences. 
-What I write from Tucker’s point of view does not reflect me. I actually got very disturbed while I wrote this, and I had to take a month off at one point. 

Fic Post

Art Post – darthneko


March 2010

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